Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Personal Vow for Jonas

Ours is not a perfect love story. It has its ups and downs. I guess these are the things we need to face in an imperfect world. At one point or another,I know it will not always be a bed of roses or a fairytale or a happy ever after. It will not always be as beautiful as today or we may not feel as immensely happy as now. When that time comes when either of us might drift apart, physically, emotionally or spiritually, help me to remember not of today, not of endearing promises but how we are as strong individuals are able to outshine all of life's difficulties. We did so well in the past, we are victorious in the present and we are even more triumphant in the future. When that trying comes, help me then to remember... Through alzheimers, old age, illness and recovery, accidents and near miss, to fair weather friends who choose to go and good friends who are here to stay, to misfortunes and luck or even death..that whatever life may throw at us, we can do it. Whatever negativities this world may bring us--we will endure it. We have proven that in the past 14 years we have known each other. And we are to be armoured in the next 40 years or more. Ours is not a perfect love story. It has its ups and downs. But it is the type of love story to be envied. It deserves a monument,a standing ovation and a resounding applause.
You will and always will be.....deserving to be placed in a pedestal.
Ours is not a perfect love story. But it is to be envied. Because I know deep in my heart, it will surpass time, dimensions and promises with great faith in our that we are blessed by the Divine Source of all being. This I know now. This I have always known..... Im the luckiest girl in the whole world.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It's more fun to dress up in the Philippines!

I never had a terno filipiniana gown. And I was hesitant to wear one. Because it makes me feel old.hehe. But because I love my good friend, Tess and she requested me to be one of the ceremony readers in her Filipiniana themed wedding, I was forced lovingly to wear one.

This is my inspirational color for the gown.
I dare not to wear as sexy as her.But the color of the gown is just perfeeeeeect!
Thank God for Tito Boy Kastner Santos for designing this gown for me. I look very happy in it.
My sister and OTN with the rice fields in the background.:)
I selected OTN's Barong Tagalog from Onesimus . Destiny to have the same color as my gown.
With the newly weds Tess and Tony Greenwood
This is my favorite part where OTN twirls me around.
And Yes, it's more fun to dress up in the Philippines!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

My Birthday with Passion Cooks

My birthday last December 2011 was extra special.

I ache at the thought of growing old year by year. Hahahaha.....I cringed at the thought of another year coming to a close and so many things are still yet to be done. I never told Maja that it was my birthday that day we were to have our 3rd food tasting with them. In fact, I never told anyone. Except my loved ones. And Facebook. LOL.

Passion Cooks was having their own private christmas party that night but Maja agreed to have a meeting with us in the afternoon. We discussed the specific details of the wedding. And Maja with Mommy Chef Laura surprised me with all of these. To my heart's delight.

Cant wait for our theme, set up and food....with Passion Cooks...Thank you God for people like them.Wedding suppliers like PC treat their clients not as business endeavours but in a more personal level. Genuine people and angels still roam the earth. :)

Maja holding the tray of uber yummy chicken galantine which  OTN  cannot live without. And me with the box of chocolate lazy cake---is this really homemade? It is..made in heaven. :)

Mommy Chef Laura beside Maja. Her sincerity and kindness is definitely  genetic and passed on to her lovely kids. *wink*

Chicken and Ham Crepe...Crunchy crepe in the outside,soft and cheesy in the inside.  Hello 2012!

Sunday, September 11, 2011


You are all very special to us. That is why you are directed to this page. Jonas and I would love you guys to be present on our church wedding in the Philippines. Not to sound overly dramatic, your presence as we exchange vows in front of Pope Benedict (Ok,ok cannot help it...but one can dream,right?) What I mean to say is to exchange vows in front of a funny and groovy catholic priest. Haha.Yep,we'll find one.So please please be there because definitely it will be the greatest wedding gift ever.=)

P.S. For those of you wondering why we are sending the save the date early, it's because we want to give a heads-up to guests coming from overseas (buying plane tickets,applying work leave etc).


Outmost thanks to the megatalented Sis Joy Rosales of Monogramhub for making our monograms.You can check her marvelous works in this website

Monday, August 8, 2011

Taming of the Shrew

Let's call this vintage look--the taming of the shrew. I have lessened the eye make up because the last vintage make up looked more like Queen Nefertiti than Paraluman.Haha. Here are the products I used: Mac Prep+Prime, Kryolan TV Paint stick cream (I swear by the magic it brings! It's been 2 hours and there's no shine in my face. Unlike Mac Studio Sculpt wherein after 30minutes, the oilyness has began), Elizabeth Arden Pure Finish Mineral Powder Foundation, Mac Crystal avalanche Veluxe Pearl and Mac Espresso matte for the eyes, drugstore fake eyelashes, Body shop pink blush, L'oreal red passion lipstick and lastly Body Shop brush on bronze. The hair, I would have to thank forever and ever Aja of Vivid make up for teaching me how to do this!
A little bit of coccaine..a little bit of coccaine..who's the girl wearing my dress?

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Vintage with a Twist: A second look

Spent the whole evening doing my vintage pin curl hair. I have hibernated for weeks now and this is my second attempt to capture that vintage look. I did not realised it was that hard to comb through my hair.Haha.The uber gorgeous Aja of Vivid make up---the goddess of all goddess did a superb job on this and she makes it so easy. She's truly an inspiration making me wish my hair was blonde too-sometimes. Haha. Let me know what you think!

This is my favourite!

Ok are you still alive? I wish you did not get a Myocardial Infarction viewing these photos.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Video did not kill the Vintage Star

I have been watching vintage hair and make up videos on you tube for a couple of nights now. There's this girl named Aja who is a Canadian American freelance make up artist who gives absolutely wonderful vintage 1950s tutorials online. For days I have been discussing with OTN if I should do my own hair and make up for our classic inspired engagement session. I thought if only I can practice and given the right materials--I think I might just be able to pull it off...I think.Haha. So I bought myself yesterday hair styling lotion, mousse (which I have not used for ages and somehow always reminds me of my 5th grade bestfriend Michelle), hair pins, prong clips and false eyelashes. Yey!

Forgive me if I will give you the fright of your life. It's my first time to experiment on my hair. I cannot even braid my hair before so this is all fairly new to me. I am still sporting my scooby doo scrubsuit turned nightsuit and obviously I just woke up. I set my hair 7 hours straight as Aja suggested so yes, I slept with my curls on. I just neatly covered it with a scarf. I looked like a 1950s grandmama last night. LOL. As for the make-up, I am really working on it. I have tried on different make up styles for nights now and I am still figuring out how it will resist the harsh photography lights. Im thinking of buying a darker shade of foundation because at least the base will make the eyeshadow, blush on and other eyeworks pop out.

So here it is. Hindi po ako kumain ng litson kaya pagpaumanhin ninyo kung yung lip gloss ay masyadong makintab.

By the way, if you're interested, I have attached the vintage tutorial done by the mega talented and uber beautiful Aja of Vintage Make up videos. As I told you, this is my first time to execute this--I have never styled my hair in this lifetime or in my previous lifetime. There was no heating or curling materials used here --only hairpins would you believe? To have a lasting look, I believe copious amount of hairspray will be able to retain the style. I would say the level of difficulty for this look is slightly difficult to moderate. But with much effort---it can be done!

Before and after the sabotage