Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Personal Vow for Jonas

Ours is not a perfect love story. It has its ups and downs. I guess these are the things we need to face in an imperfect world. At one point or another,I know it will not always be a bed of roses or a fairytale or a happy ever after. It will not always be as beautiful as today or we may not feel as immensely happy as now. When that time comes when either of us might drift apart, physically, emotionally or spiritually, help me to remember not of today, not of endearing promises but how we are as strong individuals are able to outshine all of life's difficulties. We did so well in the past, we are victorious in the present and we are even more triumphant in the future. When that trying comes, help me then to remember... Through alzheimers, old age, illness and recovery, accidents and near miss, to fair weather friends who choose to go and good friends who are here to stay, to misfortunes and luck or even death..that whatever life may throw at us, we can do it. Whatever negativities this world may bring us--we will endure it. We have proven that in the past 14 years we have known each other. And we are to be armoured in the next 40 years or more. Ours is not a perfect love story. It has its ups and downs. But it is the type of love story to be envied. It deserves a monument,a standing ovation and a resounding applause.
You will and always will be.....deserving to be placed in a pedestal.
Ours is not a perfect love story. But it is to be envied. Because I know deep in my heart, it will surpass time, dimensions and promises with great faith in our that we are blessed by the Divine Source of all being. This I know now. This I have always known..... Im the luckiest girl in the whole world.

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